Computer and network support and repair services

Home office computer support

Home office computer supportIf you run a business from your home, Onsite PC Doctor can set up and upgrade your home office with quality technology solutions that won’t break the bank. We offer wireless network setup, email setup (with the necessary security precautions), printer and file sharing, backup systems, malware protection and much more. And, we offer remote desktop support so you can run your business, without wasting time struggling with software installations and hardware problems. Read more about our home office computer support.

Small business computer support

Small business onsite computer service

We provide small business clients with responsive and reliable computer and network repair and maintenance. We support server installations; design and maintain computer networks; host, install and configure databases; recover your data in case of computer loss; create backup and security systems; make a disaster recovery plan and much more. At the time of installation, we create an upgrade and maintenance plan that will help your business keep costs down. To help your business run smoothly, we provide software training for your entire office team so that each member can be effective and productive with the tools in your office. Read more about our onsite computer support for small business clients.

Computer security for small business

Computer security for small business

The annoying and sometimes damaging computer viruses of the 1990s have evolved into full-scale criminal cyber attacks designed to steal your money and information as well as destroy your reputation. In addition, legislation now requires many businesses to implement computer security procedures or else face stiff financial penalties. Onsite PC Doctor works with small businesses in designing and implementing IT security solutions to fit their business needs and budgets. Read more about our computer security services for small business.

Technology consulting services for small business

Technology and computer consulting for small business

Ever wonder how you can share files with coworkers without sending them through email or keep track of changes made to shared documents? Keep your business documents secure and set permissions for different users in the office? Share your customers’ data securely? Onsite PC Doctor consults with small businesses regarding all types of technology issues. We work with  servers, software and hardware and can plan, install and maintain your systems. Read more about our technology consulting services for home office and small business clients.